Health at the Cellular Level



We have evolved to understand the body is not a machine to be fixed with medication and surgery in every case. I have used a mind, body, spirit method of health and wellness—The Oberhand Method™—to liberate hundreds over fifteen years. I call this Transformational Engineering™. Many people are unaware that chronic physical and emotional pain, and illness are rooted in trauma at the cellular level. I am here to clear you of this emotional and spiritual trauma forever! No more coping with pain, it's time for liberation.

What if you could travel in time... twenty years into the past, six months ago, or even just an hour ago, and take away the pain, trauma, anxieties and despair that fill your body? Can you feel how destructive it's been, and leading to disease! How wonderful it will be to empty that old baggage you've been dragging behind you, and let it go for ever! That's the Oberhand Method.

The Oberhand Method™ is for:


Chronic Physical Pain

Chronic Emotional Pain

Sexual Abuse Trauma

Relief of Significant Organ Malfunctions


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS)

Severe Anxiety

Relief of Severe Childhood Emotional Traumas

Relief of Chronic Conditions That Conventional Treatment Won't Affect

Relief of Negative Emotions


Sexual Addiction

Marijuana Dependence


Method Of Delivery:

In Person

Via Phone

Via Skype or Facetime

(The Oberhand Method is highly effective over the phone, Skype or Facetime from anywhere in the world)


English, French

An MD achieves health at the cellular level

“Here is a summary of my experience with the work that I did with Viviane Oberhand. The issue at hand was the diagnoses of Cancer of my right kidney. I had already had surgery and was preparing for an experimental drug study. There is no proven medicine for Stage 3 but some promising new and not yet approved. I was in the process of searching all of my options and best way to deal with this scary diagnosis. I called Viviane and we talked about our options of dealing. We talked 7 or 8 times on the phone and for 1 to 2 hours at a time. We examined all of the blocks in my life and the attached emotions. It went from a conscious to a subconscious and then a cellular feeling based level. She showed me no mercy to get to the truth. During this time I had a lesion on my brain MRI that disappeared and has given me confidence I my ability to heal myself.

I have had a very successful life as an Orthopedic Surgeon and reached most of my goals at an early age. I have dealt successfully my share of adversity and have been a seeker for 30 years. Viviane showed me the missing links and connected all of the missing dots. I have never been in a better place in my life. I strongly recommend Viviane to support any patient with Cancer.”


The secret of The Oberhand Method


“I left Viviane’s amazing breakthrough with about 90% of my pain released. I was more than ecstatic, and as more time passed, the remaining 10% has disappeared. I am currently working on building energy and know that ANYTHING is possible. I truly was blessed when Viviane came into my life!!! She brings a smile to my face every day. She is extraordinary and full of love and light. Thank you, Vivi! I love you to the moon and back again!!! ”


“It is a relaxing emotionless way of releasing yourself from painful events from the past and in the future. You are aware of everything happening at all times and you are in control. The hardest part is just making the appointment. Please do not give up hope...give her a call.”


Frequently Asked Questions


What is it that you do?

As a mind-body-spirit expert, I reach people at a deep and personal level of Self, and guide them to relief of trauma and healing at the cellular level. The positive effects are far reaching in the elimination of pain, anxieties, disease, addictions, and more.

How much does it cost?
We present the cost to our clients after an initial free phone consultation.

What technique do you use?

I developed the Oberhand Method from a number of techniques I am certified in, plus original and proprietary techniques and processes of my own creation, which i have practiced for twenty years

How long does it take?

Usually 10-12 hours of appointments. 

Can I work with you on the phone?

Yes, the work is effective on the phone and skype.


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The Oberhand Method is not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. Written and video testimonials are subjective experience in their own words;  your results may be different and vary.